Welcome to my homepage! I am Minseok Song, a Professor at Department of Industrial & Management Engineering at POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology). I am also the head of Open Innovation Big Data Center at POSTECH and an Associated Partner member of ERCIS(European Research Center for Information Systems). I’m an industrial engineer by training with a background in information systems and computer science. I also have enough data science and artificial intelligence expertise to solve engineering problems. My research interests include process mining, recommendation systems, business analytics, and industrial AI.

Research overview

My research goal is to create and apply new technologies and paradigms in IE/MS and IT disciplines to improve business processes in an organization. My main research topic is process mining which aims to analyze and improve business processes. In addition, my research interests include process simulation, healthcare information systems, manufacturing process analysis, and industrial AI.

I have published over 130 papers, including 50 journal articles. My publications have appeared in journals such as Decision Support Systems, Journal of Information Technology, Information Systems, International Journal of Medical Informatics, IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, and Expert Systems with Applications.

I have conducted over 30 research projects (totaling $6 million) as a principal investigator and have applied industrial engineering principles and information technologies to various real-world problems. Substantial research grants include the EU Horizon 2020 (RISE-BPM) project with eight universities in Europe, Australia, South America, and Korea, an early-career researcher grant, and a mid-career researcher grant from the National Research Foundation of Korea. The methodology and software systems that I have developed are used in various organizations such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung C&T, POSCO, and Samsung Heavy Industry. I have also developed a process mining software system and transferred it to Puzzle Data for commercialization.

For more information, please visit my lab, Analytics & Information Management(AIM) Lab.

Minseok Song, Ph.D.

  • (22– ) Full Prof., POSTECH
  • (16–21) Assoc Prof., POSTECH
  • (10–15) Asst/Assoc Prof., UNIST
  • (06–09) Postdoc, TU/e
  • (06) Ph.D., POSTECH


10 February, 2023

We won the Minister of Science and ICT award (Grand Prize) at the CDE Society's DX Award with the AI-based curation system developed with Samsung C&T. You can see our curation service at the SSF shop (https://www.ssfshop.com). 삼성물산과 개발한 AI 기반 큐레이션 시스템이 CDE 학회의 DX Award에서 과학기술정통부 장관상(대상)을 수상했습니다. (DX Award대상 수상)

3 January, 2023

Our paper that explores the potential of OMOP common data model for process mining in healthcare has been published in PLoS ONE (link).

25 November, 2022

We won the best paper award at the Annual Conference of the Korean Society of Medical Informatics (의료정보학회 우수연제상 수상).

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